Wireless pile integrity testing

What is unique ?


iPile benefits from Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4) for transmitting acceleration data to a mobile-based tablet.
All you need to do is to place iPile sensor over the tip of the pile, and start recording data on the tablet.


iPile is equipped with innovative low voltage acceleration sensor that helps reduce ambient noise, and record acceleration data with high precision.

Analyze and Report

iPile comes with a powerful and user-friendly app for data recording and analysis.
Dynamic data visualization, and pile length measurement helps you obtain crucial information about pile integrity right on site.

i.Pile™ | Wireless Pile Integrity Testing Device by FPrimeC Solutions.

Pile integrity test

low strain integrity testing of deep foundations and piles
Technical Specifications

i.Pile™ provides an industrial-standard quality built wireless device for the integrity testing of deep foundations and piles. i.Pile™ is compatible with the requirements of the ASTM D5882.

Acceleration Range: ±50 g
Frequency Range: 0.5 - 15,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency > 31 kHz
Sampling Frequency: 40 kHz
Sampling Resolution > 12 bit
Connectivity: BLE 4
Battery Life Time: +10 hours
Dimension: 105 mm x 52 mm

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